Youtube make-up tutorials

Before this week, I would only use Youtube to watch TV or music clips – I would never look at the personal broadcasts. I didn’t think I’d be interested in watching random people, or seeing what they had to say. Boy was I missing out on a goldmine of information… There is so much to learn on Youtube – and so many great people out there to teach you. It is like being best friends with the coolest and most beautiful women – and having them tell you all their beauty secrets – so that you can be cool and beautiful just like them!

I am linking the two videos that have made the most impact on me so far. One shows how to create the perfect cat’s eye/winged eyeliner look. The other teaches you how to thread your own eyebrows. These are two things that I had previously only left to the professionals. I’ve had people show me how to do it, I’ve read about how to do it – yet I was never able to do it myself. But there is something about having someone S-L-O-W-L-Y explain techniques to you, step-by-step that makes the difference. Also, being able to search for and watch multiple people showing you their different ways of doing something, allows you to try various methods until you figure out the one that suits you best.

The first video is MissChievous’s Brigitte Bardot inspired make-up (by the way – the secret to mastering the winged eyeliner look – draw it on with kohl pencil, then trace over it with liquid/gel eyeliner…such a simple tip – but oh so effective! Below is a pic of my first lil wing!)


The second is Pursebuzz’s tutorial on threading eyebrows (I used this technique to thread my upper lip. I used to wax, but that would irritate my skin and leave it red and bumpy for a couple of days. Also, I was worried about that area getting lighter than the rest of my face, as waxing can remove a layer of skin. I thought I would have to look for a salon to do my threading. After watching this video, I’ve already threaded my upper lip – and am so pleased that I can do it at home, for free!)


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