Who are your fashion role models?

I am drawn in by the fashion choices of certain celebs…whether it is their own style, or that of a great stylist, I find myself saving pics…hoping not to replicate their outfits, but use some elements of their outfit – in a combination that is flattering for me.

Here are some of my current faves:

Cameron Diaz – I love her easy laidback style. She wears simple, casual clothes, but she wears them extremely well.

Nicole Richie – I love her hair and make-up. Her braids look great – both for casual events and in formal buns. Her eyeliner is always applied perfectly. Her clothing style is often “Hippy-chic” – and while I like some elements of her outfits (sandals or jewellery or top), I personally wouldn’t try her look from head-to-toe.


Reese Witherspoon – I love Reese’s red carpet looks. Her hair is styled and curled beautifully, and her clothes are lady-like and elegant and also young and fresh.


Who are your fashion inspirations?

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