When You Want to Use Coconut Oil For Everything…

We’ve all seen those memes where coconut oil is put forward as the miracle solution to every single problem…from dry skin to frizzy hair to weight loss! Thanks to my Asian background, I’ve been on the coconut oil bandwagon since childhood. I grew up applying coconut oil to my hair weekly – and I even add virgin coconut oil to my toothpaste!

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When it comes to skincare, coconut oil has numerous benefits. It is easily absorbed, which makes it an ideal moisturizer , as it leaves you with hydrated and glowy skin. Additionally, it has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, so it keeps your skin healthy and can help prevent redness, inflammation and infection.

Palmer’s recently launched their Coconut Oil Formula range, and I was able to test the body lotion and body oil after my recent trip to the Bahamas. I’ve actually been a fan of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range for ages – so I was very excited to try out this new formula! Each product in this range contains 3 key ingredients:

  • Raw Coconut Oil – to moisturize and soften
  • Monoi Oil (from the Tahitian Gardenia flower) – to hydrate and pamper
  • Almond Oil – to soothe and comfort

My skin felt very sunburned and dried out after my beach holiday. My hands and feet suffered the most, they looked dehydrated and patchy. I began using the body oil after my showers, and I loved how easily it absorbed into my skin. The Coconut Oil Formula products are meant to provide 24 hour moisture, and my skin definitely had a subtle glowy sheen all day. I kept the body lotion by my sink, and applied it to my hands and feet several times a day. It was very healing, as the dark patches slowly faded and my skin started to feel healthy again!

By the way – you can also use the body oil in place of shaving cream. Apply a small amount to your wet legs while you’re in the shower, and your razor will glide easily and you’ll get the smoothest and closest shave ever!

I would definitely recommend trying out these products – especially if you’re already a fan of the Palmer’s brand. I was impressed by the formula, which contains ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. I also loved the long-lasting fragrance, which is a mix of coconut and sweet almond oil. The products are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Gluten and Dyes, and the price is amazing: they are only $5.99 each at Walmart Canada!

Are you a fan of Coconut Oil? What do you use it for?

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Palmer’s Canada.


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