Vacation Style: Embellished Sandals and Tassel Earrings

One of the classic photos to take while visiting Santorini is standing on top of a white-washed curved roof with all the beautiful scenery behind you. But while it may be easy to climb onto the roof from one side – on the other, you could be faced with a 1 or 2-storey drop.

So…obviously, not the most ideal shooting conditions if you’re a *tiny* bit scared of heights! I laugh when looking at these photos as I’m often not centred on the arch – because I have placed myself nearer the “safe” side. I guess I have strong self-preservation instincts!

There is so much I want to share about our trip to Santorini – but first, I thought I’d share a simple outfit formula that helped me plan my vacation outfits.

I mainly packed simple dresses and cold-shoulder tops – but to make my outfits feel special – I accessorized them with statement earrings and embellished flats.

Top Row: Tassel Earrings $12.99 | Beaded Earrings $10.49 | Ball Earrings $21
Middle Row: Bohemian Earrings $11.99 | Aldo Sandals $23.33
Bottom Row: Bow Slides $19.99 | Pom Pom Sandals $50 | Fringe Sandals $43.99

In today’s post, I have rounded up some of my favourite finds to help dress up your vacation outfits. Let’s start with the earrings – you CAN’T go wrong with these tassel and ball earrings. I went with a pink and red colour scheme so that it would be easy to match my clothing (which is often pink, white or blue). I can’t believe these earrings are all priced at around $20 or less – I already own some of these styles and the rest are on their way to me in the mail!

We usually walk a lot on holiday, so I mainly stick to flats or low heels when on holiday. I actually saw a lot of people wearing these pom pom sandals in Santorini – I kind of felt left out, and wished I had bought a pair before my trip! The other big shoe trend I spotted were slides – either sleek ones with thin soles – like the Aldo pair above or sporty ones with contrasting satin bows. I’ve tried on a version of these sporty slides in store – and I’m amazed at how comfortable the molded soles are.

What type of earrings and shoes do you usually take on holiday?

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  1. beautygirl24
    August 30, 2017 / 11:56 pm

    Gorgeous photos as usual! I would love to go to Greece- hopefully one day I do! For me, I usually take simple studs from Stella & Dot. And flats are a must, I don't know how people walk around in heels on vacation. The whole point is to explore right? Enjoy!

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