Three Holiday Dresses from Ever New

Some of my most favourite dresses come from Ever New – I just love their fabric choices and feminine designs. I was going to share my recent holiday outfits from them in this post, but as I was selecting photos – I realized there were a lot of other Ever New outfits from this year that I’ve never shared! Scroll down to the end if you want to see them – they may be in the sale/clearance section by now – so it’s a great time to shop.

The Juniper dress is the ultimate Holiday dress – it’s so sparkly and timeless. When I shared this on my Instagram, I got a lot of messages that you guys had tried it on in store too and loved it! I got a lot of questions on sizing – I usually wear a size 2-4 in Ever New dresses, but I sized up to a 6 for this one…I just wanted some extra space, but a 4 would probably have worked too.

The Camille Pleated Midi Dress is one of those signature Ever New dresses, with a gorgeous floral print and lots of ruffle details!

Ever New Bronwyn Midi Dress in Green

The Bronwyn dress sold out – but if you like this style, you can try the Romy Skater dress.

And here are my Ever New outfits from earlier this year. This photo is from Fall – I love this comfy oversized trench.

Here is another classic floral Ever New dress – it’s the prettiest coral peach – and is actually still available in the clearance section.

This outfit is a little darker than my usual colour palette – black coated jeans and a dark floral blouse.

Now we’re at summer outfits – this cottage core dress was so popular – but sold out quickly.

I love the floral print of the cropped Josephine Blouse.

A lot of these outfits are from collaborations with Ever New – but the Clementine dress is something I purchased myself – basically I can’t resist any of their ruffled floral dresses…although I do have some similar dresses from them – such as this one below.

I mean the print and the cut are different, but the colour scheme is very similar. This one is the Ever New Lola Dress – do you think I needed both?

I think I did, because I always like wearing Ever New dresses on special occasions – this dress is from 2 years ago, and I wore it this summer on my wedding anniversary, it’s just so pretty!

Here’s my final Ever New dress pic to share – this lavender ruffled dress from this summer – now my blog is finally up to date with all of my Ever New finds from last year.

Which one is your favourite?

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