Romantic Day Date Idea: Thermea Spa Village Review

Our Thermea Spa Village Review: I love making our anniversary special, but it’s not always possible to arrange childcare and travel abroad for a couples’ getaway. This year my husband and I celebrated locally with a trip to Thermea Spa Village Whitby – and here’s why it was the perfect Romantic Day Date Idea:


Set in spacious grounds in Whitby, Ontario – Thermea Spa Village is designed in harmony with nature. There are many picturesque spots to relax and take in the pretty scenery – from hammocks and swings to firepits and pergolas.

After checking in at the lobby, we were assigned spacious lockers in the changing rooms. We were given silicone wristbands that functioned as locker keys and could be used to make purchases – so we didn’t need to carry anything extra with us. We changed into our swimming gear and flip flops, and put on the comfy hooded Thermea Spa robes. Unlike other spas I’ve been to – you can get a new robe at the front desk as many times as you like – perfect if your robe gets too wet or you wanted to freshen up before heading in to eat.

Thermea-Spa-Village-Whitby-Review Toronto Day Date Idea

firepit / swings by the steam room / fireplace in the biergarden


Thermea Spa Village is based around the Scandinavian concept of Thermotherapy – you take part in a thermal cycle of experiencing hot, then cold, followed by rest. Thermotherapy has many health benefits including stress release, pain relief, and better sleep. The hot options include saunas and steam rooms, while the cold experience includes showers, cold plunge pools and tempered baths. For the rest segment of the thermal cycle – you can visit the fire pits, hammock forest, beach chairs or any of the other peaceful spots on the grounds.

Thermea-Spa-Village-Whitby-Review Saunas

salt sauna / event sauna / dry sauna

Pictured above are a few of the saunas – the one on the left is a salt inhalation sauna, and the one in the middle is the event sauna – where you can take part in a traditional sauna ritual (more on that below).

Thermea-Spa-Village-Whitby-Review Cold Plunge Hot Tubs

hot bath / cold plunge pools (x2)

Here are some of the water features – we spent a lot of time in the hot bath (on the left) and also did circuits in the cold plunge pools (in the middle and right). It felt quite exhilarating to immerse ourselves in the cold plunge pools after visiting the hot sauna. Apparently you get a burst of energy from the thermal shock, and it causes adrenaline to flow through your body. When you follow up with a rest session after the cold cycle – your body releases endorphins and you feel peaceful and content.

You can set your own pace during the day – and can also take part in free group activities – like guided meditation sessions in the Pergola and the Aufguss Sauna Rituals – which involve towel-waving and aromatherapy.

For an additional fee – you can also book treatments such as RMT massages, Rhassoul (a Hammam inspired ritual where you’re given exfoliating scrubs, masks and rich moisturizers to apply in an aromatic steam room) or Kalla (a saltwater flotation experiece).


There are three eateries on site – Le Resto for fine dining, the Lounge for relaxed snacking and Biergarden for drinks and appetizers.

Thermea-Spa-Village-Whitby-Review Restaurants

Le Resto / Lounge / Biergarden

We tried out all three restaurants – and the food was SO delicious – I would highly recommend every single thing we ordered! We had lunch at Le Resto, where we ordered Tuna Tataki, Baked Brie and Pan-Seared Salmon. In the evening we had mocktails at the Lounge, along with Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos, Truffle Rosemary Chips and their famous Honey Mustard Pretzels. We ended the day in the Lounge with cappuccinos, an assortment of Creme Brulees and the Dark Chocolate Torte.

Thermea-Spa-Village-Whitby-Review Restaurants

Biergarden snacks / Le Resto lunch / Lounge desserts

We had such a restful day – it really felt like an escape from the ordinary and we loved how connected we felt with nature. The facilities are all so gorgeous new and clean. It was the perfect space to unwind – and we will definitely be coming back for more date days!

I hope you found my Thermea Spa Village Review helpful – Check out more of my travel reviews here.

DISCLAIMER: This was a gifted stay in collaboration with Thermea Spa Village


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