Some more malling….

I had some major gift-shopping to do – so I spent a lot of time at the mall today. And as usual – I ended up buying for myself too – I can’t help it! First I went to the Coach store and returned the mini-skinny (coin purse) that I got at the outlet – and paid extra for this one pictured below. The outlet one was a great deal – and function-wise is the exact same design. But I much prefer the colour and material of this one – it’s all leather instead of coated canvas.I also special ordered my dream bag (mentioned in my previous post) – the rose-coloured small Sabrina. Apparently it’s a 4-6 week wait – eek! But the advantage of ordering it through the store is that you don’t have to pay extra for shipping or customs.I stopped by the health store and picked up organic Whey Protein Smoothie powder. I’ll be blending it with ice water and frozen fruits. I’m hoping that the extra protein will boost my hair growth, while also helping me lose weight. Will update here if I see some results!I also picked up these earrings from Aldo. I don’t usually wear big dangly earrings – but I really like how these look on me. It was love at first sight – I ended up putting them on right after I paid for them.I saw some VERY cute sandals at Payless – but I DIDN’T BUY THEM! I thought I’d wait until their BOGO events (Buy 1 get 1 half off). The black pair are jelly sandals – and are sooo comfy. The orchid pair looks really sweet – and will go with my Rose Sabrina bag…hope the BOGO event comes soon – and that they still have these in stock!And that’s the end of my second virtual shopping post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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