Product Review: Conair Curl Secret

I’ve been testing out the Conair Curl Secret Ceramic AutoCurler. I usually curl my hair once or twice a week – so I’m always happy to find tools that make the process easier. I wanted to share my thoughts on this curler including my PROS and CONS – so you can decide if this is something you want to try out!

Product Review Conair Curl Secret Tutorial

Conair Curl Secret (Amazon CA link / Amazon US link)

Let me start by sharing my favourite thing about the Conair Curl Secret – how long my curls last! These are pics I’ve taken after curling my hair ONCE: they are all the result of a single treatment! I didn’t touch up or recurl my hair at all in any of these pics. You can see how the curls are strong on Day 1 and Day 2 – and even on Day 3, I still have visible curl definition, and my hair still looks styled!

Product Review Conair Curl Secret Tutorial

Now let’s talk about how to use the Conair Curl Secret. The curler consists of a heating element surrounded by a protective cover, with openings on each side. You thread a small section of your hair through the openings and press the curl button. This makes the curler barrel activate and it twists your hair into the tool. It holds the curl for a few seconds and then beeps to let you know when it’s done. You lift your hair section out from the top, and you’re left with curled ringlets. You can see a video demonstration of this here.

Product Review Conair Curl Secret Tutorial

With regards to the safety aspect – you can see how the heated element is completely encased in the pic below. While there are openings on either side to feed your hair through, there is no chance for your skin to come in contact with the hot tool – making it super safe to use! The pic on the right shows the 3 settings you can customize on your curling tool – curl direction (left, right or alternating), tool temperature and curl type (defined, loose or wavy). For my curls, I picked alternating directions and loose curls.

Product Review Conair Curl Secret Tutorial

Here are my PROS and CONS using the Conair Curl Secret.


  • Long-lasting curls – knowing my hair will look styled for 3 days!
  • Safety – love that the heated element is covered so that there’s no chance of getting burned. Also a good tool to use if you’re curling someone else’s hair.
  • Dual-voltage – having a dual voltage tool means you can use it anywhere you travel – you would just need a travel plug for the country you’re visiting.


  • Ringlet-type curls – I usually use a curling wand, which produces beachy waves with straight ends (example here), but the Conair Curl Secret produces a tighter curl with ringlet ends. I loosen up the ringlets with my fingers to style it better – but it’s worth thinking about whether you like the type of curl this tool produces.
  • You have to curl your hair in small sections, so it can take time to do your whole head (although the curling process itself is very fast). You can only thread through small sections of your hair at a time. If you feed a larger section into the curler, it will cause the curler to beep and stop – and you have to carefully lift your hair out and try again with a smaller section.

Overall I am glad I own this curler – I plan on using it during busy periods when I want styled hair but don’t have the time to re-curl every day. This also seems like a great curler to use when it’s humid – since these curls last longer and are less likely to disappear! I also plan on taking it with me when I travel.

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