Pre-Holiday Shopping: Dresses and belts

We’ll soon be leaving for our 10-day summer holiday. The weather is going to be seriously hot, and I wanted to take a break from my usual “jeans with a pretty top” look. I’m always attracted to summer dresses, but most of them show more skin than I want to. Luckily the current trends are in my favour – and I’ve found lots of lightweight cotton leggings and shrugs to pair with dresses to cover me up! I’ve also been inspired by blogger Veronika to wear belts with my dresses – they make the whole outfit look more pulled together.

Here are some of my recent purchases:

H&M Dress, H&M Belt, Garage Leggings, Payless sandals
-I wasn’t to sure about this dress – it’s a little bit flouncy – but the material is so lightweight – and it was on sale!

Garage Dress, Garage Belt, H&M Leggings, Old Navy Shrug, Payless Sandals
-I loved this dress as soon as I tried it on – the pattern is quintessentially summer. I’ve already worn it out in the heat – and it kept me cool all day. 

Old Navy Dress, Garage Belt, Garage Leggings, Payless Sandals
-I love the ruffles along the neckline. I have to play with where I belt it – this also looks nice belted near the hips.

H&M Dress, H&M Belt, Garage Jeggings, Payless Sandals, Old Navy Shrug (brown), Suzy Shier Shrug (cream).
-I can’t decide which shrug to wear with this outfit – cream or me choose!

Old Navy Dress, Stitches Leggings, Aldo Bag, Payless Sandals.
-This outfit is a little boring – but I had to buy this black dress – it is made of the softest and lightest material – it feels AMAZING on. Also pictured – my Chanel-inspired Aldo bag. Quilted bags have been everywhere this year – and I’ve tried to resist, as I hope someday to get a Chanel Flap bag (maybe for some future wedding anniversary – I’ll love it more than jewelry LOL!). But this bag just *wanted* to go on holiday with me because: 1) It’s blush coloured – since it’s a neutral, it will co-ordinate with many outfits 2) It’s from Aldo – I’ve always found their bags to be very light to carry, and resistant to wear and tear 3) I can wear it as a shoulder bag and cross-body – so it works for day and night 4) Even if I do get my Chanel someday – I’d probably baby it – and wouldn’t use it on holiday. So I justified it to myself quite well, don’t you think?

Stitches Maxi Dress, Garage Belt.
-I like this Maxi dress because it has cap sleeves rather than spaghetti straps – so I don’t need to wear a shrug with it. I wish it wasn’t so voluminous around the waist, but it is comfy – and was only $20!

Garage Shirt, Belt and Jeggings. Payless Sandals.
– Although this is obviously not a dress – I had to have this shirt – it is so well-made and fits perfectly.

It was hard not to go too crazy shopping – because of the summer sales – but I had to limit myself – especially because I want to fit some shopping into our holiday LOL! I tried to get versatile items that I’d get lots of use out of. I also picked up some cute items for my kids – my daughter got lots of pretty dresses, and I got my son and hubby matching polo shirts in many colours – so we’ll have a mini-me situation going on 🙂

Do you end up buying a lot of clothes before going on holiday or do you shop your closet?


  1. Ilinda
    July 21, 2010 / 2:29 am

    Ooh, I love your new outfits (specially the second dress). As far as the two shrugs, I like the cream colored one better. The brown one seems too much. I love that top too. Too cute! Can't wait to see you.As far as clothes for vacay, I shop my closet and then hope I find some cute stuff while I'm away from home. 🙂

  2. Monica
    July 22, 2010 / 1:27 pm

    Love your new items, especially love that fist dress. Have a great time!

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