Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Here’s a pic of what hubby is getting me for Valentine’s Day. A Kristin Colorblock Shoulder Flap in pink (Style No: 14221). I’m so excited!!!I was feeling a little guilty about getting this, as I had just gotten the LV Speedy 25. But I knew I’d regret not buying this – it is *so* me. I adore pink – and love the 3 different shades of pink used in this bag – it stops it from looking too saccharine-sweet. Size-wise, I read somewhere that this is supposed to be similar to a Chanel jumbo flap bag. I actually prefer smaller bags, but this was the only style that used the Colorblock pink material.It’s being shipped over from the US, so will update with new pics once it gets here. I still can’t believe it’s mine!!!

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