Outfit of the day and new purchases

Just a quick update post, I wore my new purchases today.

Here are my shoes from Guess, and my bag from Aldo. I think the bag is perfect for winter, as it is roomy enough to stuff my hat, gloves and scarf in when I’m not using them. I just need to find a little fabric to tie on the handle to cheer it up a bit.

Funny story – when I was posing with the bag in front of the mirror at Aldo’s – trying to decide if it suited me, an older lady with a Gucci bag and Burberry trenchcoat told me “No – that’s not for you – you’re young – you need something with more colour in it.” I think unsolicited opinions are cute – especially with the hidden compliment thrown in (that I look young – he he!). I guess I’ve always been drawn to either very girly things – or very lady-like/conservative things.Today I wore my Old Navy Jeans, Primark black t-shirt with New Look kimono top. Now that it’s gotten colder, I’m trying to stretch out my summer tops by layering underneath.

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