Online shopping For a Lands End Zip Top Tote Bag

I’ve been wanting a canvas tote for a while – they are so practical for travelling. And hubby and I are planning a transatlantic trip soon – so it will be good to have my tote ready to go.

I think the ultimate classic is the LL bean Tote Bags – but Lands End  Zip Top Tote Bags are pretty popular too.

After playing around with different combinations on both websites, I chose the Medium Zip Top Coloured Tote Bag in Autumn Orange/Spice Brown from Lands End. The combination reminds me of the Hermes Logo…I hope the colours are as nice in person. Sorry for the small website photos!


I’ve been meaning to buy this tote for a while, but just never got around to it. Then I saw this picture today of Gweneth Paltrow travelling with her kids – and I *love* this customised green tote she has for her daughter Apple. It inspired me to get my act together and just order my bag already!

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