Nicole Richie’s Eyeliner Look and NOTD

Nicole Richie is one of my favourite celeb style inspirations (previously wrote about her here). One of her signature make-up looks is winged eyeliner with peachy/bronze cheeks and nude lips. It looks so simple yet stunning on her!

I’m still a novice at applying winged eyeliner. Despite all my best efforts, my eyeliner often ends up looking more like checkmarks than wings. So I was happy to find a tutorial on YouTube by Kandee the Make-Up Artist showing how to copy Nicole Richie’s eye make-up. You can see the video here.Two important tips I learned from the video were:1) To get the shape of the wing to look good, follow the angle of your lower lash line and extend it outwards (I tried to illustrate this in the second pic using green dots). This tip also ensures that the wing shape on each eye matches the other.2) Really thicken the liner in the outer corner of your eye. It looks unnatural at first, but once the whole line is drawn in, it balances out beautifully.I also found it helpful to first draw the shape out in eye pencil, and then trace over it with my gel eyeliner (another tip I picked up from YouTube – first posted about here).Watch Kandee’s video and let me know if it helped you as well! I really liked the way my liner turned out – it looked natural and stayed on all day. I will definitely be trying this more often.Also – here’s a quick Nail of the Day (NOTD). It’s a Sephora brand nailpolish in Zouk. I chose this tiny bottle because I was drawn to the metallic turquoise colour, but knew that I wouldn’t want to wear it that often. It’s quite vivid and bright – I don’t think I really like it on my finger nails – but I’ll definitely wear it on my toes this summer. The formula is a bit thick and streaky (I already have 2 chips and I just put it on this morning!) – so I guess it’s just as well that I only want to wear it on my feet!

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