New Bag Review: Coach Legacy Leather Mini Tanner Crossbody Tote

The Mini Tanner Tote caught my attention because of its resemblance to the Celine Nano Tote – at a fraction of the price!

Similar: Celine Nano Tote and Coach Mini Tanner Tote

I loved its mini-size, cross-body strap & leather tassel detail. When I received a 25% PCE (Preferred Customer Event) coupon – I thought it was the right time to make my purchase.


Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Tote in Perforated Leather


The Mini-Tanner comes in many bright colors but I wanted a dark color since I would wear this cross-body and didn’t want to worry about color transfer. Although the Black was classic, I went for Navy since I don’t own any dark Blue bags.

At first I ordered Marine – but when it arrived, it turned out to be a deep Purple rather than a true Blue. Luckily my Coach SA was able to track down a Navy/Citron Mini-Tanner from last season for me.

The pictures below reflect the true color of the Navy versus Marine bags (don’t know why the lighting is making my Navy bag is looking purplish in the pictures above!)

Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Tote in Perforated Leather
Legacy Leathers: Navy on the left, Marine on the right


Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Tote in Perforated Leather
Handheld & Cross-body


Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Tote in Perforated Leather

Although the bag is small, it’s boxy shape means that it can hold a LOT more than most of my other cross-body bags.  (DIMENSIONS: 9 1/2″ (L) x 8 1/4″ (H) x 3 1/2″ (W))

Looking at my purse contents – I now realize I have a LOT of Coach pieces – I particularly like the durability of their canvas coated pieces. (I own the Waverly North/South Universal Case, Madison Mini-Skinny, and Coach Peyton Zip-Around Wallet)

I LOVE the Navy color I chose – but I’m seriously tempted by Coach’s latest spring offerings in bright colors (especially since they just sent out another 25% PCE!). Also – I’m obsessed with Coach’s Waverly line – how sweet and pink is this Daisy Coin purse.


Coach Mini Tanner Totes

Have you purchased any new bags recently? Do you like Coach bags/wallets?

Disclaimer: I purchased my bag & wallet/wristlets myself – I don’t have any link to Coach…I’m just loving their latest designs!

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  1. Lilly
    May 6, 2013 / 5:19 pm

    Love it Ella! It's fits quite a good amount.

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 7, 2013 / 2:37 am

      Thanks Lilly – I love it because I don't have to leave much behind LOL!

    • Lilly
      May 9, 2013 / 10:35 pm

      I got the 25% off any purchase recently too and was SO tempted to buy Mini Tanner Tote. Had to talk myself out of it, even though after seeing your post I wanted it even more 🙂

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 10, 2013 / 2:31 am

      Ha ha – I know the feeling…I told myself I didn't need ANOTHER bag – especially since I love & use my neverfull PM so much…but somehow the 25% discount convinced me I should just go for it – PLUS, I don't own any NAVY bags…so it kind of makes it okay, right?

    • Lilly
      May 10, 2013 / 2:16 pm

      Totally justified haha 😉

  2. Anonymous
    May 6, 2013 / 5:23 pm

    Yay, I love the tanner tote! I secretly want a little tanner, but my husband would kill me since I already got my LV and Coach pink duffle bag this year. I love that you can fit that much into it such a small bag. Great pick Ella!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 7, 2013 / 2:40 am

      Thanks Lindsay – your LV & pink Coach are GORGEOUS bags – I love them! Since this bag is SO tiny you might be able to sneak it in without your husband noticing – ha ha 🙂

  3. Sam
    May 6, 2013 / 5:30 pm

    Oh my goodness, I think I need to buy that bag immediately! I absolutely love it. I also like the way it looks just being held by the handles in addition to the cross-body! Great purchase.

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 7, 2013 / 2:41 am

      Thanks Sam! The cross body strap also stay neatly in the bag when you're holding it by the handles (they don't have to hang out like in the pic). Would love to see what color you choose – there are so many pretty choices!

  4. Anca
    May 6, 2013 / 8:08 pm

    Even though Coach isn't a cheap brand either compared to Celine it's a breeze! I also love their quality and the look of the bags as a whole <3

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 7, 2013 / 2:42 am

      I agree – Coach is not cheap but I do think it's reasonably priced for a well-made leather bag. And their legacy line has so many luxe looking pieces!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 7, 2013 / 2:43 am

      Thanks Annie – glad you liked them!

  5. Beautygirl24
    May 6, 2013 / 9:17 pm

    I'm in love! It's perfection! I think we both have been lusting over celine bags because our new bags resemble the celines so closely! Great choice. Classic and beautiful 🙂

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 7, 2013 / 2:47 am

      Yes – I would LOVE a Celine Nano or Luggage in Navy or Tan – but they're definitely out of my price range… I also love the Pashli in Ink 🙂 Bag lover problems LOL…I adore your new MK bag!

  6. Kristen
    May 7, 2013 / 1:26 am

    gorgeous! what a class piece

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 7, 2013 / 2:47 am

      Thanks Kristen – I'm loving it 🙂

  7. Domestic and Designer mommy
    May 7, 2013 / 3:22 am

    You should check out the London Fog Knightsbridge tote…it looks like a Celine bag as well. I have one in navy on my blog.

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 8, 2013 / 3:07 am

      I'll have to check out the London Fog version!

  8. Skylette from Sequins & Stilettos
    May 7, 2013 / 4:06 am

    I just bought a Michael Kors and a Tory Burch handbag… Coach would fit in nicely too. 🙂 I love your choice, the color is gorgeous and rich!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 8, 2013 / 3:07 am

      Ooh – can't wait to see which bags you picked out!

  9. Schnelle
    May 7, 2013 / 3:47 pm

    What a beauty! I love the tassels.

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 8, 2013 / 3:08 am

      Thanks Schnelle – the tassels are what hooked me on the Legacy line – it's such a small detail yet so chic!

  10. Nikki
    May 8, 2013 / 7:18 pm

    OMG I have been wanting the Mini Tanner in mint green for MONTHS! I am absolutely obsessed. I have yet to figure out a way to purchase it but I am hoping to add it to my collection. I also LOVE the pink and tan one.

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 10, 2013 / 3:20 am

      The mint one is SO beautiful – love it!

  11. Yanhearts♥
    May 20, 2013 / 8:27 am

    Ohmo! I wanted the Celine Nano but I think it is dumb to get a tiny bag for over a thousand bucks!I love the mini tanner! Good choice! SO GONNA GET IT! xoxo,

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      May 21, 2013 / 2:05 am

      So glad you like the mini tanner too – what color will you get?

    • Yanhearts♥
      November 6, 2013 / 5:28 pm

      Oh, took so long for me to reply!haha..cause I never get notification about replies, so I have no idea about it.I have yet to get it, waiting for it to go on sale.If I were to get it, I think I'm getting it in bright colours! 🙂

  12. Ariadne Elise
    June 27, 2013 / 3:29 am

    Just the other day I went looking for a chic little summer bag, and guess what I found? =) I totally flashes back to this post when I saw it. Love, love, love my mini tanner! Thanks for your post!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      June 27, 2013 / 3:58 am

      So glad you got one too!!! What color did you end up getting?

  13. Stephanie X
    September 20, 2013 / 5:14 pm

    i fell in love with this bag 🙁 now i want one!xx Stephanie (

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