My first LV – and What’s in my Bag.

Here is my new bag – I love it so much!!! I decided to go in person to the LV store to pick it up, as I wanted to see if I should get the Speedy 25 or 30, and also, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the Monogram print or the Damier Ebene Canvas. Although I ended up going with my initial choice, it was nice to try on the different bags to make sure!
The Speedy 25 has MORE than enough space for me – I know a lot of women prefer the larger sizes. Another advantage of the 25 is that it it holds it shape better. When I went inside the store, the pale vachetta leather did put me off a little bit – but then I looked around, and saw other people carrying older bags with honey coloured handles. I can’t wait for mine to develop a patina.
This is my most expensive bag to date – it cost around $780CAD with tax. I do feel guilty spending so much on one bag – I think I’d feel less guilty buying seven $100 bags in one year (funny how the mind works). But I think of it as a classic investment piece – and I deserve it!
After we bought my bag, we went clothes shopping for my husband – and I was so impatient to use my new bag, that I transferred all my stuff into my speedy as I waited for hubby to try on his clothes!
I love the “What’s in my bag” posts and videos that I’ve seen – so here’s mine:

Nine West cosmetic bag
Ziploc bag with baby wipes
Fruits and Passion hand butter
Palm phone
Reusable shopping bag
Aldo sunglasses

I’ve also included what’s inside my cosmetic bag – as I love seeing what everyone else carries around!
Blotting papers
Nail cutter (for clipping cuticles)
Burts Bees lip balm & Lip Venom
Faces and MAC lipstick
Antibac spray
MAC lipliner brush and L’Oreal lipliner
Perfume samples

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