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I recently asked over on Instagram what type of content you guys would like to see – and a lot of you mentioned that you wanted to see more product reviews of tried & tested favourites. So in today’s post, I’m sharing the haircare products I can’t live without!

As a beauty blogger, I like finding the most effective products – and although I try new things, I have some haircare staples that I always come back to. I’ve been using most of these products for 6+ years – read on to see what they are:


I have fine hair so I’m always on the lookout for volumizing and strengthening shampoos. Mane ‘n Tail shampoo (US link) was originally developed for show horses – but developed a cult following when it was shown to make human hair silky and strong too! I feel like it makes my hair strands thicker – I alternate shampoos between washes, and I like to use this one at least once a week.


Since my hair is highlighted – it is very dry and tangles easily. But as soon as I apply this Macadamia Deep Repair Masque (US link), everything feels smooth and soft. I usually use this instead of conditioner, as it makes my hair feel so much healthier than it actually is. You only need a tiny amount – one tub lasts me around 6 months.


Unless I’m going to an event, I always air-dry my hair. Since my hair isn’t thick, it doesn’t take too long to dry – and using these Turbie Twists (US link) makes the process even faster. I usually use two of these towels – after my shower, I wrap one Turbie Twist around my hair and start getting ready. Ten minutes later, I take off the drenched towel, detangle my hair and apply a new Turbie Twist. The microfiber material is super absorbent and gentle on your strands, while the button-loop closure keeps the towel firmly in place. Since most of the moisture is absorbed by the Turbie Twists, my hair takes even less time to air-dry!


If there is one item I could not live without on this list – it would be Moroccanoil (US link). I NEED it – or else everything turns in to a mess of tangles and frizz! I take 2-3 pumps in my palm and massage it on to towel-dried hair, taking care not to get too close to my scalp (or else you’ll end up with greasy roots!) As the oil is absorbed by my hair, it fortifies each strand and separates it from the others, making it easier to run a brush through my hair. I’ve tried many other Argan Oil hair treatments – and while some may cost less and get the job done –  this brand works the best on my hair…and also, I am in love with how it smells!

I’ve tried wide-tooth combs and Tangle Teezers, but this Goody Ouchless Brush (US link) is the most effective hair detangling tool I’ve ever owned. The wide-set bristles quickly pick apart tangles and snarls – without pulling out any of your hair. They’re also really great for detangling childrens’ hair – my sister and I use these on our daughters. I’ve even bought myself a travel-sized version as I always want to have an Ouchless brush around!


The Hot Tools Curling Iron (US link) is used by many industry professionals. My hair doesn’t hold a curl easily – but it does when I use this curling iron. I use it with the clamp for classic curls, and if I want beachy waves, I pretend it’s a wand and wrap my hair around the outside of the barrel. I use the gold one-inch version – and it helps keep my curls silky. I used to use a drugstore/Conair curling iron and that would always make my curls look unhealthy and frizzy!

Dress: c/o Chicwish / Bag & Shoes: c/o Nine West


Since we’re dealing with some very cold temperatures here in Canada at the moment, I thought I’d share the 3 things I do when the seasons change.

  1. I massage coconut oil (US link) on to my scalp once a week, and leave it in for an hour before shampooing. 
  2. I occasionally use Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo (US link)
  3. When I’m conditioning my hair, I take a little bit of conditioner and massage it into my scalp to calm the irritated skin.

My scalp can get dry and flaky in colder weather – and this soothes it and helps to get everything back under control.

What are your haircare staples? Do you use any of the products I’ve mentioned above?

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