My At-Home Spa Day

It has been a LONG time since I’ve had a facial, so when Indeed Labs invited me to experience an at-home Spa Day – I was ready! Due to my acne-prone skin, I’m not adventurous when it comes to skincare – but I’ve purchased and used Indeed Labs products in the past, so I felt comfortable trying items from their range.

I started with their Exfoliator. I’ve never used a powder-based exfoliator before, but it was easy. You just shake out some powder on to the palm of your hand and add water. It transforms into a creamy paste which you massage on to your skin and leave on for a minute. It rinses off cleanly, leaving no residue. I love that this product uses enzymes rather than granules to exfoliate the skin, since physical exfoliators can actually damage the surface of your skin! The powder contains active ingredients from Bamboo, Rice Bran, Red Algae and Pineapple – which help with skin issues including acne, wrinkes and skin elasticity. It is gentle enough to use every day – but I plan on using it once a week.

After my exfoliation, it was time for the Hydraluron Moisture Mask (a step my husband called “Totally Terrifying”). I opened the sealed package and spread the sheet mask on my face, adjusting it carefully around my eyes, nose and lips (at this point, my husband called the children over to see how scary I looked…thanks!) Stares from family aside, the mask felt cool and soothing on my skin – I headed to my bed, (took a selfie) set my timer for 15 minutes and had a little nap. When my timer went off, I removed the mask, massaged in the residual serum and topped it off with my moisturizer. My skin looked plumped up and glowing, and my pores seemed smaller. The mask contains timed release Hyluronic Acid so the effects last 24 hours. When I examined my skin the following morning, it still looked bright and poreless. Two days later – my bare skin still looked so glowing and radiant PLUS my foundation went on more smoothly! I think this mask would be a great treatment when your skin looks dull and rough – if you’ve had too many late nights or travelled on a long-haul flight.

Hi Honey!

Along with the mask, the serum and jelly are part of the Hydraluron skin hydration series. They all contain high levels of Hyaluronic Acid, which provides deep and long-lasting moisturisation. In addition, the serum contains Red Marine Algae to increase cell turnover, while the jelly creates a protective film on the skin to lock in hydration.

The last item I was sent to try was Nanoblur – an “instant skin finisher” that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores. You can apply it on bare skin, on top of makeup or mixed in with your moisturizer/foundation. You can also use it as a spot treatment to address shiny/oily spots.  I applied it over my makeup and here’s what I noticed: my skin looked matte and airbrushed BUT you could still see the enlarged pores on my cheeks. I dabbed some on my naso-labial lines – and they disappeared! So my skin looked pretty but not completely flawless. I wore it out all day and was amazed that I didn’t need to use blotting paper  (a first for me!) – so I think this product will be great for targeting my oily t-zone. You may want to tread carefully if your skin is sensitive to silicone – although I had no issues, maybe because I applied it on TOP of my moisturizer and foundation rather than on my bare skin.

Hope you liked my mini-review of these Indeed Labs products. If you’re curious to try them for yourself – you’re in luck! I’m giving away 4 products – the Exfoliator, Mask, Jelly and Nanoblur – enter below for your chance to win:

UPDATE – winner has been drawn – congrats Melanie/cocovanilla123!

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DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by Indeed Labs. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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