My anniversary present

Here is a picture of my anniversary present – diamond earrings.4 years ago, I picked up the diamond pendant at the Jewelry Exchange (it’s a building with lots of little booths with independent certified jewelry dealers). This year I went back to find some earrings – and I found the perfect pair – they match perfectly with the pendant. I think they might have been made by the same dealer – but I can’t know for sure, as the booths change locations over time.

The earrings are quite small and simple – which is what I wanted, as they are great for everyday wear. They are 18K white gold, and were very overpriced given the size of the diamonds (22 points). BUT – I checked these out a month back, and have been looking in other stores since, and nothing else appeals to me like these – so I had to go back and get it (and of course, they were even pricier this time around, since gold prices have gone up…sigh!) The workmanship is great (they are made in Hong Kong) – it is not a screw back (which I *hate* – the posts are so bulky), but is designed with notches so that they don’t come out easily.

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