I went shopping today…

Sometimes shopping is the best medicine…I went to Old Navy today and got some new clothes:

Outfit 1: I’m pretty sure I’m returning the top – the magical changing room mirrors made it look so good – but the waist tie is too fussy – and I’m not sure how to style it. I love the skinny jeans (I already have a dark blue pair, so I got grey) – I can see myself wearing these through fall and winter tucked into my faux Uggs. The faux Uggs are from Payless – I bought a mid calf Camel boot in 2004 – and it’s still going strong through constant use – so I know these will last me a while. And no matter how ugly some people think Ugg-type boots are – they are the last word in comfort when you live in a cold climate!


Outfit 2: I’ve been wanting a maxi dress for a while – but I avoid wearing sleeveless and strapless outfits – so I paired it with this matching sweater. It may not be the most stylish outfit – but at least I get to wear a maxi dress and feel comfortable.

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