How I Shop From Home Using cabi Front Row

Online shopping has been the norm this year – but there are certain things I miss about in-person shopping. Browsing the racks with my besties, feeling the fabrics, trying on different outfit combinations – these are all elements that are lost when shopping online. Signing up for the cabi Front Row experience with my sister earlier this month allowed us to capture some of the fun of in-person shopping, while staying safely in our own homes.



Let your cabi Stylist know that you’re interested in attending a cabi Front Row Virtual Styling experience. They’ll arrange a time and send you an invite to cabi’s custom-designed online platform. (Click here to find a cabi Stylist near you). You can also invite any of your shopping buddies to join you – I love shopping with my sister – and even though she lives 2 hours away, because we were shopping virtually, we were able to have a much-needed shopping date!

You’ll start the event in a video meeting room – where you can see all the Front Row attendees – you have the choice to either video chat or text chat…whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Once everyone has arrived, your Stylist will start the Fashion Show segment of the event. The show is divided in to several collections. You will first see all the outfits in the collection – like this:


And then you get to the runway part of the show – where the models walk down the virtual runway one-by-one and give you a 360 degree look at each outfit. A product carousel appears underneath, showing all of the individual items in the look. You can “heart” the whole look, or “heart” the individual items – and they’ll be saved to a “favourites” page on your cabi account. As you can see, I hearted the Honey Necklace   – what I love about this “heart” system, is that you can easily identify when the item shows up in different outfits – so you can see how it looks with different pairings. For the Honey Necklace, I saw that it looked cute with both formal and casual outfits…which made me realize that I definitely needed to add it to my shopping cart!

After each segment of the Fashion Show – there’s a breakout session with your Stylist. You can ask all the in-depth questions that are usually hard to determine online – such as sizing, warmth, colour info, fabric weight, etc. It’s also a great time to get a close-up view of a favourite item – as you can see below.

After all the fashion show segments are over, you’re all taken back to the video chat room, where you have 3 tabs to choose from – you can revisit your favourites, check out the lookbook or shop the whole collection. This is the “shopping date” part of the event – and I love how you can ask for advice and chat with friends as you shop.

Signing up for the cabi Front Row Virtual Styling Experience is a great way to thoughtfully add to your wardrobe. You can enjoy the experience with friends and receive personalized styling tips so that you can pick out items that work with your lifestyle.

For Canadian customers the full Front Row Experience will be launching in January 2021!


Have you arranged a virtual shopping date with your friends?

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with cabi. Check out my other cabi posts here.

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