Healthy Breakfast: Low-Carb Egg Muffin

Eating a healthy breakfast is so important. When I start the day off eating right, I have more energy and end up making healthy food choices for the rest of the day. But sometimes I wake up hungry and don’t have the time or motivation to cook something healthy…which is why I love these low-carb egg muffins. You can prepare them in advance and reheat each morning as needed!

I’ve seen these around on blogs and Pinterest (most recently on Veronika’s instagram here) so I decided to make my own version.


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Dice meat and vegetables (I chose broccoli, red onions and cooked chicken breast, but the combinations are endless!). Place in a silicone muffin tray (silicone makes it easier to remove the muffins. Mine has 6 cups/sections)
  2. Crack 6 eggs into a large measuring cup. Mix with salt, pepper, garlic powder and a splash of milk. Pour over the meat and vegetables. Top with grated cheese.
  3. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.
  4. Enjoy! Refrigerate the rest in a tupperware and microwave (30 secs to 1 min) before eating.

The muffins were delicious – especially the broccoli and the cheese. I microwaved some for my kids when they came home – and they loved it too! I love how healthy and wholesome it is for them (since I used cooked chicken breast rather than processed deli meats). It’s also a tasty way to use up leftovers.

I plan on making variations of this recipe – I’m going to try substituting egg whites for some of the whole eggs and see how they turn out.

Do you have any quick and healthy breakfast ideas? Please share – I’m always looking for inspiration!


  1. KElizabeth
    September 17, 2013 / 2:41 am

    Yum! These look amazing. What a brilliant idea!! I usually grab an apple and some almonds on my way out the door, this is so much more appetizing!Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      September 17, 2013 / 2:46 am

      It is very yummy – I love a hot breakfast. I tried overnight oats before this (as a quick breakfast) but found them cold and unappetizing LOL!

  2. Erica
    September 17, 2013 / 3:03 am

    Looks delish! I will be making these tomorrow!! Lately I've been into Green Monster smoothies – spinach and then whatever else floats your boat – banana, flax, almond milk, etc. yum!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      September 18, 2013 / 4:18 am

      I love smoothies but sometimes they make me so cold I want to crawl back in bed and go to sleep LOL! But they're sooo healthy!

  3. Veronika
    September 17, 2013 / 9:54 am

    Thanks for the shout out! Those look delish!!!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      September 18, 2013 / 4:19 am

      Thanks for the inspiration – love all the healthy food options you've been trying and sharing (i.e. packing lunches etc)

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      September 18, 2013 / 4:19 am

      Glad you liked it Sam – I love that they taste good reheated – that's not always the case wit healthy food.

  4. Skylette from Sequins & Stilettos
    September 17, 2013 / 3:34 pm

    Well, this has certainly been pinned to my Pinterest so I can try it out!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      September 18, 2013 / 4:20 am

      LOL! Let me know how they turn out for you!

  5. Beautygirl24
    September 17, 2013 / 10:41 pm

    How easy! I love that! Can't wait to try it out, as I love eggs in the morning! I usually do egg whites about two or three days a week now. I also love Greek yogurt and diced fruit, or a protein shake.

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      September 18, 2013 / 4:21 am

      I LOVE a hot breakfast in the morning – but it seems like such a hassle to make it EVERYDAY lol! Now I only have to do it twice a week! The greek yogurt w/fruit sounds super yummy.

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