But First Coffee…

Is it normal to go to bed looking forward to having your first cup of coffee when you wake up? Because that’s totally me – I’m SO obsessed…and maybe a little bit dependent on coffee. One of my favourite rituals is waking up early, sipping a cup of coffee, and reading while everyone else is still asleep in their beds.

Easy Tutorial How to Make Coffee Using Pour Over Method. What is Pour Over Coffee.

I love making the perfect cup of coffee using the Melitta Pour-Over method. Have you tried it?

Easy Tutorial How to Make Coffee Using Pour Over Method. What is Pour Over Coffee.


The Pour-Over method is a classic, fuss-free way of making delicious coffee – no need to clutter up your kitchen counter with multiple machines. All you need is a Melitta Pour-Over coffee-maker (which is a tiny cone-shaped mug), a coffee filter and your coffee!

You place the paper filter in your Pour-Over coffee-maker, add coffee grounds to the filter, and pour boiling water over the coffee. The liquid flows through the filter into your mug, creating a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee. And clean-up is super-easy – just remove the paper filter from the coffee-maker and rinse out the cone…and you’re ready to make your next cup!

The paper filter – and the Pour-Over method – was invented in 1908 by a German woman named Melitta Bentz. She wanted to improve upon the standard coffee-making technique. The old technique resulted in a bitter brew and loose sediments in your cup. She took a brass cup with holes punched in it and paired it with blotting paper used as a filter. This prototype eventually evolved into the Pour-Over method that we use today!

Melitta’s paper filters play an important role in creating the perfect cup of coffee. They are made from pine pulp and bamboo – and absorb oils and acids. This helps the coffee taste richer and better, also removing harmful fatty oils! The filter is also environmentally friendly, as it’s completely biodegradable.

Easy Tutorial How to Make Coffee Using Pour Over Method. What is Pour Over Coffee.


You only need 3 things to create your perfect cup: a filter, a Pour-Over carafe and ground coffee. For this post, I chose the Heritage Pastel Pink Brew & Serve Carafe Set. I love the vintage vibe – and how the carafe transforms into an adorable coffeepot for two! I also own their Signature Clear 1-Cup coffee maker, which you can place directly over your favourite coffee mug.

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What is your favourite way of making coffee?

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Melitta.


  1. Shirley
    August 28, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    Have been using Melitta coffee systems since the 1970's when they were very, very popular. One important step is to let the boiling water rest for at least 30 seconds before pouring over the coffee grounds. Basically, I only wet the coffee grounds first. I then pour to fill up the filter holder. This is my favorite way to enjoy my coffee!!

    • Ella Pretty Blog
      September 5, 2018 / 2:45 am

      Thanks for the tips – am definitely going to try pouring my coffee this way!

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