Content Creator Must Haves

Content Creator Must Haves


I was recently invited on a press trip to Montreal by Sofitel Hotels – I traveled there by myself and I needed to pack essentials so that I could create content on my own. Here are my content creator must haves. You may not need all of these items – especially if you’re just starting out, but they definitely make my job easier!


1) Full Size Phone Tripod – (Canadian link) (US link) – this tripod has single-handedly reduced my need to ask for help – especially when taking photos or videos with my friends. The tripod folds up into a slim 12.5 inch stick, so it fits in some of my larger handbags. I just take it out, extend it, clip in my phone and start filming! The tripod extends in height to 60 inches, and is pretty sturdy and lightweight.

Content Creator Must Haves Full Size Phone Tripod

EXAMPLE – Here is an iphone photo I took on the streets of Montreal using my tripod. I loved that I could frame my photo and adjust the angle to my exact preference. I set up my shot, waited a couple of minutes for the sidewalk to empty, and took my pic!

H&M Houndstooth Blazer Chanel Bag Black Faux Leather Pants and Combat Boots Blogger Outfit


2) Lightweight Camera Tripod – (Canadian link) (US link) – I wanted to get some shots in the Sofitel Montreal – and I wanted to use my mirrorless camera for the photos, so that the pictures would be of higher quality. I needed a fully adjustable camera tripod – but I needed it to be lightweight and easy to pack. This tripod is such a bargain – and it folds up to 17 inches so it easily fit in to my carry-on luggage.

Content Creator Must Haves lightweight camera tripod

3) Mirrorless camera – (Canadian link) (US link) – my Sony mirrorless camera is my “in-between” camera. My canon DSLR takes the highest quality photos, and my iPhone is the most lightweight – but my Sony mirrorless camera is compact, lightweight and easy to charge. It can take richer photos than my iphone and is much easier to carry around than my DSLR. For an in-depth comparison on cameras that are content creator must haves – check out my post on “Which Camera to buy for fashion blogging

Content Creator Must Haves lightweight mirrorless sony camera


EXAMPLE: I used the tripod and mirrorless camera to take this “getting ready” outfit shot in my room – the tripod was so easy to adjust – I folded one of the telescopic legs up so that it rested on the bed – and I was able to get the exact angle I wanted. Using my mirrorless camera allowed me to play around with the exposure so that I could capture a shot that highlighted the sequins of my H&M dress.

H&M silver Sequin dress chanel black flap blag blogger outfit


4) Portable LED light – (Canadian link) (US link) I saw this LED light all over TikTok – apparently it’s amazing for makeup tutorials – although I haven’t tried it for that yet. It’s very small and light – yet is incredibly bright. You can screw it on top of a tripod or your camera – I placed it on top of an inexpensive desktop tripod that I had lying around.

Content Creator Must Haves Compact LED light

EXAMPLE: I wanted to capture a photo featuring the view outside my window at the Sofitel Montreal – but when you’re backlit, the rest of your picture can turn out dark and fuzzy. I used my LED light so that there was some light shining on me, to counter the shadowy effects of backlighting.


Sofitel Montreal Hotel Blogger Picture


5) Camera Remote App on the Apple Watch – (Canadian link) (US link) When I found out that the Apple Watch turned into a camera remote and viewfinder, I HAD to buy it! I no longer have to run back and forth against the self-timer, and I can make sure I have everything I want in my shot – it’s SUCH a lifesaver. Of course there are many other non-camera benefits to owning an Apple Watch (such as the sleep tracker) but I’m so thankful for the Camera Remote App!

Content Creator Must Haves Camera Remote App on Apple Watch


Do you take any of your own photos and videos? Which of these Content Creator Must Haves do you use?


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