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As I shared in my post last month, I’m so excited to be working with Cabi Clothing as a Spring 2020 ambassador! Not only does Cabi sell chic clothing – they also have a very strong charitable presence. They believe that ‘clothing can change lives’ and work both domestically and internationally through the Heart of Cabi foundation to empower women!

As a teenager, I spent a summer volunteering with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh (they pioneered providing micro-credit loans to impoverished women). I traveled to a local village and saw firsthand the impact micro-credit loans had in lifting up families and communities, as women entrepreneurs used their loans to start businesses, and went on to employ and train other women.

Cabi clothing also focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs – for every Cabi stylist that signs up to sell Cabi clothing, Cabi funds a small business loan in her name to a women entrepreneur in a developing country. So each Cabi stylist has a “sister” entrepreneur who receives funding and can go on to make an impactful change in their local community.

Another way Cabi helps internationally is through their “Make a Change” program. When placing an order for Cabi clothing, you can opt to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar or pound – and that change is sent through to Opportunity International, to improve education facilities in Rwanda.

Cabi funds their domestic efforts through the sale of a “Heart of Cabi” item – this spring it’s this cute Tied-Up Top. Cabi works with local non-profit organizations and distributes clothing to those in need, such as women living in areas hit by natural disasters, or those living in domestic violence safety houses or coming out of foster care.

I find Cabi’s charitable efforts very inspiring – especially in times like this, when the world is going through so much uncertainty. I know they’ll have a lot of projects demanding their attention as we go through this worldwide crisis – and I’m glad that they already have the framework in place to help out. To learn more about the Heart of Cabi foundation – click here.

Cabi Clothing: Cropped Cable Pullover / All-Purpose Cami / Button Fly Skinny Jeans

In these difficult times – I hope all my readers are staying safe and healthy – sending you lots of love!

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cabi Clothing.

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