Braided hairstyles and Sephora Headband

I love the look of mini-braids in hairstyles. The braid takes a simple style and makes it fun by adding interest and texture to your hair. You don’t need to use a lot of styling products, and the finished look is delicate and feminine. I love french braiding my hair like a hairband, and either having the rest of my hair free or in a bun. Here’s a pic of me from last summer with a french braid.I found an AMAZING item at Sephora which I love using for a quick and neat braided hairstyle. It’s called the Thick Braidie Headband and is $10USD. It uses synthetic hair braided into a hairband. There are 5 shades available – I got the black one. Most headbands either give me a headache or slip off my head – but this is very comfortable and the texture of hair-on-hair makes it stay in place. Here’s a pic of me wearing it. It blends right in! (Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself and wasn’t paid to review it.)I’ve heard that their are similar products available at stores like Claire’s and ASOS. It is definitely worth checking out and seeing if it works for you – a great solution for a boring hair day!Do you like wearing braids in your hair?

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