Bag Review: YSL Saint Laurent Sunset Medium Bag

I recently purchased a Saint Laurent Sunset Medium bag. I’ve been streamlining my designer bag collection, selling the ones that are impractical for my lifestyle and investing in bags that I can use a lot. For example – I sold my YSL Kate and bought a Saint Laurent Matelasse Chain Wallet . I also sold my YSL Sunset Wallet on a Chain and bought this Sunset Medium bag instead (more on this below). Read on for my Saint Laurent Sunset Medium bag review – I cover why I love it – and compare it with some other popular designer bags.

Buying the Saint Laurent Sunset Medium bag was a great decision – I love everything about it! It is spacious, structured and chic  – you can tell that it will be a timeless classic. The crocodile-embossed leather fabric is so durable, I don’t have to worry about it getting marked up.  Here it is next to my Saint Laurent Small Loulou and Chanel Classic Flap Bag.



The dimensions of my Saint Laurent Sunset Medium bag are 8.6″L x 6.2″H x 2.3″D. It has multiple sections for organization: three inside the bag and a pocket on the back. My large iPhones fit comfortably inside (pictured below is my iPhone XS but I also own the iPhone 13 Pro Max). Because of the rigid structured shape and internal dividers, this bag doesn’t hold as much as my YSL Loulou or Chanel Classic Flap – but it has enough space for my wallet, phone and makeup bag (OR my key pouch – but not both.)


Bag Review What fits inside a YSL Saint Laurent Sunset Medium Bag


The Saint Laurent Sunset Medium bag can be worn in so many different ways. I’m 5’4″ and when worn on a single strap, the 20 inch chain works well as a long strap shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. When doubled up, the chain sits comfortably as a shorter shoulder bag. The Sunset Medium can also be carried handheld as a clutch. For the top handle look, I used a clasp to pin the chain together inside the bag – while this style looks cute, tucking the rest of the chain inside the bag does use up some of the internal space.


Why I decided to sell my Sunset Wallet on a Chain and buy this bag instead: Although I was a HUGE fan of my Saint Laurent Sunset Wallet on Chain – it just barely fit my iPhone and there wasn’t space for much else. So I sized up with the YSL Sunset Medium bag – it has several compartments and is SO much bigger (The dimensions of the Sunset Medium bag are: 8.6″L x 6.2″H x 2.3″D versus the dimensions of the Sunset Wallet on Chain: 6.75″W x 4.75″H x 1.5″D.)

Although both of my Sunset bags are gray, they are different colours – my Wallet on Chain is in Graphite (a cool gray), while my Sunset Medium is in Fog (a warmer gray). I think the Fog shade is even more versatile as it works with nearly all of my outfits!



The style of the Saint Laurent Sunset bags are very classic – so they’re a great investment. I’m sharing some of my favourite Sunset bags above (including their updated Sunset Chain Wallets, which are more spacious and come with a top handle – so cute!)

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