Winter Self-Care with the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

With the lockdown restrictions this year, we’ve all been doing a lot more DIY beauty treatments. I’ve learned how to highlight my own hair, apply my own gel nails – and I’ve also been giving myself regular facials. One product I’ve incorporated in to my weekly beauty routine is the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask. I had seen it featured in a lot of magazines and social media, and was drawn in by the chic packaging – as well as the fact that it was PINK rather than green or grey like the other clay masks I’d tried.

Product Review Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask Foaming Micellar Cleanser Pomegranate Exfoliating Scrub Native Berries Moisturizer

You might wonder – why is this mask pink? And why does that make it special? Well this mask is pink because its main ingredient is Kaolin Clay – and Kaolin Clay varies in colour depending on the minerals present in the clay. So the pink colour comes naturally – it’s not a dye! Pink Kaolin Clay is rich in minerals such as silica, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Kaolin Clay is renowned for its ability to draw impurities and excess oil from your skin – and the minerals help make this mask soothing and healing for your skin.

Using the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask is a sensory experience – it’s packaged in a chic glass jar, and has a delicate rosewater fragrance. It is the consistency of thick whipped cream, and applies smoothly across your face. You leave it on for ten minutes – it dries quickly – and then you take a warm washcloth and wipe it off. It leaves your skin noticeably brighter and radiant, with an even tone.


Product Review Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask Foaming Micellar Cleanser Pomegranate Exfoliating Scrub Native Berries Moisturizer


Alya Skin launched their Pink Clay Mask in 2018, and due to its popularity, they introduced supporting products to offer a complete four-step range that you can use to create your own at-home facial experience.

STEP 1 – CLEANSE with the Foaming Micellar Cleanser: A gentle cleanser formulated with Witch Hazel, Watermelon Seed Oil and Rose Seed Oil. Although the cleanser is a liquid, the bottle has a pump that dispenses it as a foam – which makes is easy to apply. The formula is very light and hydrating – especially helpful in the colder winter months.

STEP 2 – EXFOLIATE with the Pomegranate Exfoliating Facial Scrub: The scrub contains antioxidant-rich Pomegranate Extracts paired with various soothing oils including Coconut, Sweet Almond and Macadamia Seed. It removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin smooth and ready for masking. I also like using this in the shower to gently exfoliate my neck, chest and back.

STEP 3 – MASK with the Pink Clay Mask: As mentioned above, the mask draws out impurities, reduces inflammation/pigmentation from acne scars and leaves your skin looking radiant.

STEP 4 – MOISTURIZE with the Native Berries Moisturizer: This moisturizer is formulated with 3 Super Berries that are native to Australia – Pepperberry, Riberry and Emu Apples. They contain Antioxidants, Vitamin E and Anthocyanins – which help protect and repair the skin. The moisturizer also contains hydrating ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Macademia Seed Oil and Shea Butter. The moisturizer is a light cream, it spreads easily and leaves my skin with a subtle glow.

I’ve loved incorporating these products in to my Winter skincare routine. Everything is packaged so beautifully and smells so good! Alya Skincare is vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin. You can currently purchase the full collection online at or – and it will be available at Canadian drugstores by February 2021.

Do you have a facial routine at home? What are your must-have products?

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Alya Skin.




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