Affordable Bags from Amazon

I have a quick post today sharing two of my favourite bags from Amazon – they’re classic, affordable and practical!

Woven dumpling bags have been popular these past two years – they’re the perfect addition to any outfit.  I purchased my smaller woven bag in 2022, and added the larger bag last year. I love taking these bags on trips – they fold flat and are so easy to pack! Here are the links to the small woven bag and to the large woven bag.

Affordable Bags from Amazon

The smaller bag is big enough for my basics – phone, wallet, makeup and keys. The larger bag carries EVERYTHING! Here’s a video showing what fits inside – I’m able to carry my usual basics PLUS a portable tripod, my ipad, a water bottle, notebook and more. It’s also great in the Winter because you can fit in an extra scarf or sweater in the bag.

When purchasing the larger woven bag – make sure you pick one with a zipper – some of the Amazon options have open tops, but this version feels more secure.

Not only are these bags affordable and versatile – they also come in so many colours! My bags are in the off-white/cream colour scheme – but I’m also tempted to pick up versions in green, burgundy, pink and brown! Here are some my favourite Amazon woven bag finds (Canadian links / US links)


Which of these affordable bags from Amazon would you pick?



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