2014 World Oceans Day with Biotherm Water Lovers

June 8, 2014 is World Oceans Day – a global celebration honoring the impact oceans have on our lives, and focusing on ways to keep the oceans clean and healthy for future generations.

Biotherm’s skincare philosophy is rooted in the healing powers of water, thus the company is a natural supporter of World Oceans Day. To enhance their involvement in ocean protection, Biotherm Water Lovers have partnered up with Mission Blue to focus on creating marine-protected areas, which “helps maintain biodiversity, provides a carbon sink, generates oxygen, preserves critical habitats and allows low-impact activities like ecotourism to thrive.”

In 2014, Biotherm Water Lovers is raising funds to protect the ocean around the Galapagos Islands from ecological stress. They are launching a Facebook “Water Lovers” campaign – for every Water-based photo uploaded by fans, Biotherm will donate $1 to Mission Blue. Additionally, for ANY online purchase made during the weekend of June 8th, Biotherm will be donating $10 to Mission Blue.

Do you want to get involved? Here’s how you can help:

1) Became a fan of Biotherm’s Facebook page and upload a photo showing a love for water (I’ll be using this picture I took last weekend of a peaceful spot along the lakeshore). The Photo Gallery will be live on June 6 – and EVERY photo submitted will generate a $1 donation from Biotherm to Mission Blue.

2) Shop online on Biotherm’s website on June 8. ANY purchase will result in a $10 donation from Biotherm to Mission Blue. Additionally, if you use the code ELLA while checking out you will receive THREE products for free (Aquasource Gel 20ml, Aquasource Deep Serum 7ml and Biosource Lotion 30ml, estimated value of $30).

If you do submit any photos to the Biotherm Water Lovers Gallery, I’d love to see them! Please leave a link below after you upload your photo!

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